Brode Training and Consulting, LLC

EMC NetWorker 8.x Administration


This course is designed for novice, as well as experienced, EMC NetWorker administrators.  The course covers not only how to configure clients, perform backups and recoveries, manage backup devices (disks and tape libraries) and how to perform a disaster recovery, but also how NetWorker works, which is extremely useful when troubleshooting and trying to understand how many of the features of the software work.  This class is appropriate for people using NetWorker 7.6.x thru 8.1.

This course was written by Rick Brode, who also wrote EMC's NetWorker 7.3 [TM] Administration course when he worked at EMC. The content of BTC's (Brode Training and Consulting) and EMC's courses is very similar, as far as topics covered. The course is approximately 60% lecture and 40% lab.

This course covers installing, configuring, and managing NetWorker in either a UNIX or Windows environment. For the lab environment, each student has both a Linux and a Windows virtual machine, as well as two virtual tape libraries.

      Ch 1 - NetWorker Overview
      Ch 2 - Installing NetWorker (MS Windows and UNIX/Linux)
      Ch 3 - NMC Server and Administration GUI Overviews
      Ch 4 - Server-initiated and Client-initiated Backups
      Ch 5 - Configuring Client-related Resources
                     Backup Commands
      Ch 6 - Configuring NetWorker Pools
      Ch 7 - Standalone Device Management
      Ch 8 - Library/Autochanger Management
      Ch 9 - Configuring the NetWorker Server
      Ch 10 - NetWorker Database Management
      Ch 11 - Configuring/Performing Cloning
      Ch 12 - Configuring/Performing Staging
      Ch 13 - Performing Browsable Recoveries
      Ch 14 - Performing Save Set Recoveries
      Ch 15 - Performing a Control Data (Disaster) Recovery
      Ch 16 - NMC Reporting and Management
      Ch 17 - Updating NetWorker Software (Software Administration)
      Ch 18 - NMDP Overview

BTC can deliver the course at your site for $6900 for up to 8 students. 


Each class can also be customized in content and length. For example, we could also condense the course into a 2-3 day class equivalent to "Operations Training" for your employees who may be responsible only for day-to-day operations and monitoring, but not installing or configuring the NetWorker software.